While You Sleep

Wake up, I shake the bed

Till embers of the bedpost fall

scalding your scalp, onto your head

your name, I don’t whisper, I call

Won’t you wake up




Wake up, are you dead

the flames are consuming us all

yet here I am, standing here

waiting on you is like yelling at a wall

Won’t you wake up




Wake up, all my tears have been shed

I thought that you would stand tall

but here you are, plugging your ears

as I scream, I shake, I tremble, and fall

Won’t you wake up




Wake up, my skin is turning red

from the flames and fear and anger that maul

my heart, my soul, for I thought that you

would never be so deaf to us all

You won’t wake up

At all



Wake up, for now I have bled

for those who have no voice, no legs, no call

I had to run, I had to go

For I could hear the cries

of the fellows inside

Wailing inside the wall

But you were sleeping

And you wouldn’t wake up

At all



I’m sorry if you didn’t hear me call

I tried to wake you up

I tried

at the very least

to say goodbye

for I knew this was coming

as I left your side

into the burning hall






-Copyright: Jennifer K Fuka, 2019

Image found at: https://radradio.com/robs-soapbox/the-burning-of-america/